4 Eyebrow Products To Covet

Is it any wonder we're eyebrow obsessed? Eyebrows are one of our most important facial features; they not only frame the face and enhance the eyes, but a well-groomed pair adds instant polish to your beauty look. Brows can be tricky to get perfect on your own; doing a DIY job could result in disaster - and worse, over-plucking - so our advice would be to let a professional do the main bit - shaping, etc. - while you maintain their upkeep at home. Thankfully, thanks to the 'brow boom' we're spoilt?for choice with the options available at the moment. Trends wise, the natural brow is in; bigger brows continue to rule the roost but the painted on look that we see on Instagram is dying down, and a less-perfect but well groomed natural brow a la Saoirse Ronan is getting increasingly popular.

Remember, if you overpluck, patience?is the key. Don't attempt to fix it by taking more when they start to regrow. A tip is to draw an imaginary template around where the brows should be and pluck (using a stainless steel angled tweezers) in the direction of the growth one hair at a time, avoiding inside the template where the shape will hopefully grow back. In the meantime, below are four products that will save your life and your eyebrows too (remember, they are meant to look like sisters, not twins):

clinique brows

Clinique?Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse, €21

For the overplucked brow, this product by Clinique is a total gem; adding instant definition and bulk to your brows. I got too much taken off my own brows recently (they were waxed from the top, which is a no-no) and this repaired the damage.


Barry M

Barry M's Brow Kit, €8.99

For those who want to lightly define this brows while still retaining the natural look,?Barry M's Brow Kit, is ideal for those who prefer a soft, powdered look. I love?this for daytime.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 19.38.29

Urban Decay Brow Box, €25.50

It's hard not to love this kit by Urban Decay; it has everything in it from a'separate compartment for some mini brushes and array of shades to powers to set everything in place. The product itself consists of two powders in similar shades, and a clear waxy formula to set brows. When you have a true brow emergency, this product is your friend.


Gimme Brow Volumising Eyebrow Gel, €26


Benefit's Gimme Brow Gel is one of my favourite ever products as it is a true multi-purpose creation.?It can be worn alone or on top of pencil or powder, and not only does it add a tint to brows, but also thickens the hairs and makes for a fuller brow.

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