4 Affordable Beauty Buys To Cheer Yourself Up

In case you didn't know, tomorrow is International Women's Day (more on that on IMAGE.ie from early morning) and we are championing all things that make us feel great. And usually, these things are small. For some, it can be starting the day with a perfect cup of coffee?but for others, it starts earlier from a dab of blusher to a swipe of lipstick; the beauty products that make us feel like the best version of ourselves. And as it's only Tuesday?and a day of celebration in a few hours, here are four affordable beauty treats you can give yourself?this week.

Tony Moly Face Masks, ?5 each or €15 for multipack

Did you know that red wine is good for your face? The grape bit as opposed to the alcohol. It contains resveratrol, an ingredient which works in the same way as antioxidants to protect your skin from pollution and sun damage and my personal favourite of the bunch is their red wine mask; a combination of?lemon balm, thyme,?green tea and, of course, red wine. Lash this on for a half an hour and say goodbye to enlarged pores and hello to fresh skin.

Aveeno After-Shower Mist, €9.99?


Nothing is quite as indulgent as slathering yourself in body cream post-bath but for those who don't have the time to do this,?Aveeno's spritz offering to their renowned range of moisturisers is a godsend; it's quick and light but leaves the skin soft for a full 24-hours. Spray, run and have gorgeous skin for the whole day.

Pixi Beauty GelTint & SilkGloss, €17.95

I've spoken about Pixi before (and multiple times) because I've yet to find a budget-friendly beauty range where almost every product does what it says on the tin and more. This is my current favourite lip stain. On one side is a gloss, the other a water-light stain. Layer them together or wear them separate - a multipurpose product at its best - but either way, you're left with beautifully bright, shiny lips.

And Other Stories Roll On Perfume, €15


I picked this up because nothing refreshes me like a spritz of perfume and this is far more affordable than my Chanel favourites. ?There's a variety of scents to suit your mood (my current favourite is Fig) and you simply roll it over wrists and throw in your handbag for top-ups. Perfect.

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