3 Of The Best Face Masks To Help Combat Acne

For those fighting the constant battle that is breakouts, sometimes your go-to product just doesn't cut it. A face mask with a degree of highly concentrated blemish-zapping ingredients may just be the ticket to a clearer complexion, but the trick is to use the right one. Leaving a heavy mask layered on the skin has the potential to block pores so a specially tageted mask is a must. ?You'll need one infused with potent ingredients like charcoal, clay, and sulfur?as these treatments shrink and calm existing pimples while controlling excess oil and dirt to prevent future ones from forming. Here's our pick of three brilliant masks that do just that.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, ?30

In terms of fighting those painful-under-the-skin spots, this is the best mask I've ever used. Bamboo Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out any pore-cloggers, white China clay absorbs environmental toxins, and lecithin dissolves impurities leaving a fresh surface. This is a cult favourite in the US. For maximum effect use a hot cloth to open pores and apply the mask for 10 minutes.

Effaclar Purifying Mask, ?15


For those with pores the size of beach balls (me), the use of a weekly mask does wonders in terms of keeping impurities at bay. La Roche's new purifying sebo-controlling mask promises to aid the unclogging of pores and reduce shine. ?The mask, formulated with gentle clays eliminates excess sebum and even invisible impurities (dust, pollution particles) mean this is gentle enough to use a few times a week. The main thing I liked after use was that it didn't overly dry the skin and my t-zone appeared shine-free the next day.

Skinceuticals?Clarifying Clay Masque, ?56

This powerful mask works to lift impurities thanks to its clay and botanical extracts, and a hydroxy acid blend, that helps to gently exfoliate. It also contains Zinc oxide and chamomile work to soothe and reduce inflammation caused by acne. Especially good used once a week on stubborn breakouts.

Main image by?ian dooley?on?Unsplash

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