Four facial treatments that really work

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If you're a fan of a facial, you'll get no arguments here - for general maintenance, a sense of wellbeing and that heavenly post-treatment glow, we're die-hard fans.? But if you're struggling with specific skin issues, you could walk away disappointed; your standard cleanse/tone/mask and massage combo, lovely as it feels, won't blitz your blemishes or soften fine lines. If you're getting serious about your skin this year, here are three worthy investments that really deliver.

Intense Pulsed Light Laser Treatment

You just don't see dark patches or broken capillaries on young faces, which is why they're reportedly most women's #1 skin concern - even more so than lines and wrinkles. IPL can basically blitz these off, for a more even and flawless complexion; treated areas will darken and eventually flake away, leaving no evidence of damage behind. But be warned: keep treated areas out of the sun, or your dark patches will return. From €100;

Meso Vytal


Unlike micro needling, which is effective but involves significant redness and downtime (read our review of this treatment here),Meso Vytal uses a digital needling system to deliver a potent cocktail of ingredients into the skin - with no downtime.

Master facialist Elaine Butler Doolin tailors this treatment at her Donnybrook, Dublin salon to address three specific types of skin concern: Meso Vytal Med uses hyaluronic acid and peptides to reduces wrinkles and stimulate collagen production; Meso Vytal Fresh provides young skin with essential vitamins, Q10 and amino acids, while Meso Vytal Pure will brighten and lighten dull, dehydrated skin.?The results are dramatic; expect about a week of your best ever skin. It's €70 for your first treatment and €100 thereafter;

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Are you one of the thousands of women struggling with the sudden onset of spots in your thirties? Meet your sister - and this is the treatment for us.? After a year of trying every blemish busting lotion and potion - and dropping a serious whack on monthly salon facials - a half hour microdermabrasion session at Renew cleared my problem chin.

The diamond tipped wand creates a gentle suction action on the skin, clearing dead cells and revealing healthier skin below. It works wonders on congestion and acne scars, as well as softening fine lines. Their January offer is two treatments for €100;

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