3 Eyeliners To Add To Your Kit

Eyeliner is back, not that it ever went away, but it can be a touch dramatic for June and July and all those dewy flushes we've been perfecting thanks to Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks. (We love the smoked mauve Telluride shade that really does work on alabaster skin despite what you'd think. Also Maui, a pink coral, is fun and highlights any colour you may have caught this scattered summer.)

However, as we face into Autumn, the perfect inky flick is appropriate as heck. And last night Kristen Stewart made the ultimate case for heavy-lidded gazing as she stepped out at the premiere for American Ultra.

Here are three liners we're swearing by for Autumn/Winter.

The Newbie: Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.39.17



We were very excited to try this. The last few weeks have seen a bunch of new felt-tip liners hit high-street brands, but this one is our pick for your purse kit. With a RRP of €10.99, you're talking a non-stressful commitment too. As for how it goes on? Very easily. We've applied it on the train these past few mornings, because that's how we commute, and there was nary a curse word in sight. The flat paddle-shaped tip means you can change between a thick and thin line and the formula is impressive, although you will need to top up if you're going full-on 1960s Pinterest heroine.

The Cult Favourite: Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner by Eyeko

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.48.28


If your poster girl is Alexa Chung, you're onto a solid thing. This pointy marker is a cult product that the It Girl is strongly associated with and its pigment and application are flawless. Eye Do is perfect if you're chasing an everyday look or just want to draw subtle attention to your doubtlessly beautiful peepers. The only downside is you'll go through it like chocolate on a Saturday night in. Coming in at around €16, Eye Do by Eyeko is available in Arnotts.

The Investment: Artliner by Lanc'me



?26 at The Loop

Like most people with ambitions of grandeur, we have an airport regime. Mineral water after security, a brief drowning in all the tester moisturisers onshow, and a quick stop at the Lanc'me counter for some of their prized Artliner, a delicious liquid eyeliner that delivers every time. With a softer tip that the pens mentioned above, this feels like you're attempting art on your lids. The formula is rich and the pigment sumptuous, so if you're looking to build up a decadent flick, take your time and marvel.

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