2016's Big Beauty Trends: 'Microwaving', Pink Tones And More

With a new year comes a whole new set of beauty trends and beauty rules. What will we see less of in 2016 and what will take the reins as the must-have colours to complement your complexion? Here to fill us in on what to expect, what's hot and what's not, and what 'microwaving' your face means (don't worry, it's not as sinister as it sounds and involves no radiation whatsoever), is M.A.C Senior Artist Leslie Keane.

What, in 2016, can we say goodbye to?

I think we are going to see less of the full 24 step make-up, the sculpted brows with a brow highlight - or what we refer to in the business as the 'Instagram make-up'. Irish women are more clued into trends, and this year they are searching for a more polished chic effect.

What are the key colours for 2016?

We are seeing colours that emulate the undertones of the skin; almost costume drama make-up. Flushed cheeks with bronzed or greige eyelids. Pink is back in a big way as it injects youth into the skin. I love M?A?C well-dressed Or So Sweet So Easy Cremeblend Blush; this gives the illusion of innocence. Also, we are seeing a stained lip as opposed to a more graphic red; this look is so beautiful and easy to maintain. My favourite shade is Desire lipstick; it's almost like a bitten berry balm for the lips.


Creme Blend Blush So Sweet So Easy Creme Blend Blush So Sweet So Easy

We've had baking, strobing, sculpting and more. What will be the big trend for 2016?

All of the above! But we are doing a quicker version of baking called 'microwaving' as baking gives a full on texture that can look a little heavy in daylight. So we are swapping wet sponges for dry and opaque, cake concealers for liquid. To do this use a dry sponge and a lighter texture of concealer such as M?A?C Mineralize Concealers. Then pack on prep and prime invisible powder. Leave on the powder while you complete the makeup, then brush away the excess, the result should be a subtle halo of brightness around the eyes.

Strobing remains a popular trend. It's all about highlighting the skin as opposed to sculpting, so prepare to embrace cream and powder highlighters, and avoid anything too glittery or pink. My favourites are Hush Cream Colour Base or Soft And Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish.

And let's face it, contouring will never leave us, so opt for a natural beige shade and avoid anything too warm or bronze.




Will there be more focus on eyes this year or lips?

I think you'll see a balance of both. For me, the secret of a successful wedding make-up is to accentuate the most striking features whether it's eyes or lips. And the lash line is a big trend this season with big fluttery lashes, but we'll be creating this look with individuals instead of a full strip. So fish out those lashes you have at the back of your make-up drawer and chop into them. Then apply them randomly on the lash line to get a natural look, you will be so surprised at the result.

Screen shot 2016-01-19 at 15.36.47 Viva Glam Ariana Grande

What can we look forward to with M.A.C in particular?

First of all, I am really excited about our new Viva Glam spokesperson and of course the lipstick itself. It's none other than Ariana Grande. The lipstick and gloss shade was designed by Ariana herself, based on the idea of 'bad girl, good girl'. The bad girl lipstick is a deep matte plum which is almost like a wearable black lipstick (top tip: apply the light pink shimmery gloss and it transforms into an ultra-luminescent strobe lip; very cool). 100% of the proceeds of this lipstick will continue go to charities specifically in our localities that work to improve the day to day lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. The M?A?C Aids Fund is something that I am most proud of in my company. You get to buy a gorgeous lipstick and do something really positive; it's a win-win.


Secondly, I'm super excited about our In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Lash. I have been using this since I got the sample at fashion week. I have never been a fan of waterproof as it never seems to operate as I want it to and is a nightmare to remove. I have always been searching for the ultimate smudge proof lash and voila! I am amazed at the quality of this product. First of all, the spikey wand thickens, separates and lengthens in an instant giving you maximum effect with no smudges whatsoever. And the best bit is it removes easily with an emollient remover such as gentle cleanser. It's in my own make-up bag, and as an ageless consumer it does everything I need it to do; I'm a big fan.

Screen shot 2016-01-19 at 15.36.18 In Extreme Dimension Mascara

Finally, we have the launch of our new Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact Foundation with a new texture. The first thing that you will notice is that the product is held in a sponge within the compact as it's so light. It glides on like water on the skin. I like to use a foundation brush for this such as the #188 duo fibre brush. It's all about shade intelligence as it reveals rather than conceals your skin tone. I could not believe how natural this foundation was while at the same time giving me the coverage I wanted. It is also a gorgeous matte pay off that smooths out any texture on the skin. This is for the woman who wants natural perfection and is great for men who want a subtle foundation. It also has an incredible range of tones for all skin colours.

Match Master Shade Intelligence Compact Match Master Shade Intelligence Compact

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