$1M a Year on Beauty

Even if we had a million dollars per year (or the equivalent in euro) to spend on ourselves, our beauty regimens in particular, we don't quite know what could possibly cost that much. Sure, we probably already spend a good few grand, when you think of all the hair colourings, the expensive make-up products that you inevitably run out of every two months or so, but to think that anyone could funnel that much money into their daily grooming, we're dumfounded.

Jessica Simpson is one such person who succeeds in racking up a whopper bill each year, totalling in and around the million dollar mark. As for what she spends it on? Well for starters, those lashes aren't real, and they're not Penneys' best either. She reportedly spends 1000 dollars a WEEK on keeping her lash extensions in tip top condition. That's a lot of glue. She has a dedicated lash expert (clearly we are in the wrong line of work) who comes to her house twice a week for the handsome fee of $500 a pop.

And as for that sun-kissed glow? Well that's not real either. Where we're more likely to coat ourselves in Cocoa Brown, which in fairness is brilliant and only costs a few euro, Jessica spends one thousand dollars per week on tanning.

What in the name of all that is good and holy is she using that costs a grand per week? Is it made from diamonds? We must know.
On top of that, Jessica's keen to keep her bust expanding, but she wants to do it naturally with breast enhancing cream. She massages her boots twice weekly with a boob growing cream that costs her $50,000 per year. That's more than twice the average salary in Ireland.
As far as those signature blonde locks are concerned, she spends over 230k per year to have a whole team of people at her hair's beck and call.

Keeping fit? She drops $1500 per session with a trainer three times a week. Is he GOD?


Then there's her anti-cellulite treatments that cost her $2000 per month, though we loathe this bodily affliction so much, we'd do the same if we had the cash.

So that's it, if you want to look like a celebrity, there's a lot more to it than green juices, yoga and gallons of water.

What we're also curious to know is how Jessica Simpson can even afford to spend this much on herself, what does she do these days? When's the last time she released a single? Has she lent her name as an ambassador to a buffalo wing brand?

Do you have any idea how much you spend per year on this kind of thing? And if you had this kind of money, would you do the same?


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