11 Lipsticks You Need For A Standout Party Pout

Attention, lippie-lovers. New Year's Eve is almost upon us and surely the sequins and glitter are being prepped as we speak. But if we can pull our thoughts from the party dress for a moment, it's time to consider a statement'makeup look and the best (and simplest) way to achieve that, is through lipstick.

Lipstick is an instant look. If you're wearing a popping red on an otherwise bare face, chances are no one will notice the lack of attention elsewhere.?So when?looking?to'really stand out among the glitterati as we usher in the new season, lip colour?is just the ticket.

Below are eleven lipsticks that pack a serious colour punch and will create a dramatic, enticing and (in some cases) offbeat look. So end 2016 with a makeup bang and opt for one of these powerful pout-makers.

Illamasqua Lava Lips Lipstick in Activist Deep Purple,??23.95



This visually captivating lipstick may look as if it will have a strange colour pay-off, but the swirling, interwoven tones come together beautifully when applied. They combine to create an orchid,pink/purple lip, guaranteed to turn heads.


MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Blue Beat,??22


This heavily pigmented navy is not for the fainthearted. This a strong look, with serious gothic leanings. But it is amazing for that reason! It swatches as it appears, a dark, rich blue with a subtle purple undertone. Do make sure to use a lip pencil or concealer around the lip to keep the shape. This is?a shade that deserves smudge-less perfection.



L'Or?al Paris Infallible Matte Max Lip Colour in I Gotta Feeling,??10.49


Perhaps it's cheating to put this on a list of lipsticks - it definitely isn't one - but, the purple?is so incredible that it couldn't be left out. These ?lip pens dab a soft, highly pigmented powder onto the lips and the colour can be built up as much as is desired, for an intense or lightly stained result. There is a lovely sheen to the formula that?adds another dimension to the otherwise matte finish. These pens are particularly special, as the different shades?can be used together, for stunning ombr? lips. A purple/purple fade, or an orange/red, looks incredible. And because they're not a liquid nor a cream stick, once applied, the colour doesn't move from where it has been placed.?Let the lip art begin.


INIKA Organic Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick in Autumn Love, €18



Both organic and vegan, this lipstick is as conscious as it is gorgeous. Although it appears to be the most subtle option on this list, when applied, the shade is a beautiful copper, with an almost metallic finish. Its orange undertone works very well with extremely pale skin and although it does not shout as loud as other lipsticks gracing this list, it is a statement in itself.


Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet in 300, €32


Armani's lip colours are delectable in their tone?and their smooth formula. This shade (simply known as 300), is a red with orange aspirations. The heart-shaped wand helps create a lovely bow shape on the top lip, for a well-defined, blood orange?lip.


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick in Seductive Magenta,??23


There is definitely an 80's party feeling to this shade of magenta. It's both bright and bold, complimenting a darker skin tone wonderfully. The applicator is a small sponge,?from which the product is pumped. This makes it super easy to top up, but consider a liner for the first application if you want to add definition or reshape your lips.

Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick in What-A-Melon,??4.50


This glossy option is perfect for dry lips seeking a colour boost. The vivid crimson coats the lips easily, with a liquid that is soft and moisturizing, but also thick to the point where it won't 'move or smudge without serious persuasion. This is a great product for the handbag also, as it can be used for a strong lip, or a few simple dabs will create a pretty tint.


IsaDora Lip Desire Sculpting Lipstick in Flashy Fuschia,??14.46



Incredibly soft and light, this lip crayon is pink perfection. The strong tone is a the grown-up answer to being 'pretty in pink', with a seductive edge.


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Plan 9,??20



Now here is an option plucked from the unusual and wonderful. To some, this lipstick may scream Halloween, but makeup is no longer confined to the norm and a green lipstick would be a powerhouse of a statement to make at any time of the year. Don't be afraid! The colour is reminiscent of a deep seafoam green and it has a light shimmer that is surprisingly alluring.



Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry,??11.49


An old favourite, this Revlon shade was an introduction to the berry/gothic makeup trend for many and it has not lost its appeal or impact one iota. Though it appears as a deep cocoa, the colour takes on a blackcurrant appearance once applied.


Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Tony,??35



Each lipstick in Tom Ford's Lips & Boys collection is named after a celebrated man in Ford's life. Well, we certainly want to thank 'Tony' for this absolute stunner. Undoubtedly an elegant option, but from the red brick shade, to the gentle shimmer,?it has real impact and appeal.


Featured image: Postris.com

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