10 things that make Poppy Delevingne go Pop!

She’s the willowy London society girl bursting with beauty, smarts and impeccable pedigree. Model (along with sister Cara), actress, muse and once again, a collaborator with Jo Malone London on Queen of Pop, a sparkling new collection for body, bath and home. Poppy Delevingne shares some of her life’s loves with MELANIE MORRIS.

Poppy has been married to model James Cook for four years

They had two weddings, one in London where she wore couture Chanel, and a second in Morocco, in a dress designed by her pal Peter Dundas, currently artistic director at Roberto Cavalli. This year, she and James recently celebrated their wedding anniversary, also twice: “I had just got back from doing an interview for a TV show, so we spent the evening on the sofa, eating pasta, watching Billions, it’s his favourite and I don’t watch it, but I compromised… because that’s what marriage is all about! The next night we went to The Wolsley with my sister-in-law (who’s also Poppy’s assistant); it’s our favourite date night place.”

Poppy loves a bath

Which probably explains why, for the first time, bubble bath features in a Jo Malone London collection. There are three 500ml variants in Queen of Pop. “I am obsessed with bubbles and with bathtime. I think it’s my favourite beauty ritual; it’s the time that I stay away from my phone and make it all about me. My bathroom is probably my favourite place in my home. It’s got green wallpaper with butterflies and birds on it, and my bath is baby pink! It’s an old, standalone bath that’s been treated and given some love. And I have a tray next to it where I have all my products, so the new collection works perfectly.”


Poppy has always loved Jo Malone London

“I’ve worn Red Roses since I was 18. There’s always a bottle lurking around, I refuse to let it go. My grandmother lived in Lime, Basil, Mandarin, and my mother always had Jo Malone bottles piled up in her bathroom. I remember the silver, shining tops and the glass, clinking. I wore Orange blossom on my wedding day. I’d just started working with Jo Malone London at that time and they invited me in to ‘choose a wedding fragrance.’ I said what do you mean, I’ll just wear Red Roses as always, and they explained that your wedding fragrance is one you wear just on the day, so whenever you smell it, it reminds you.. and it’s true. And that was one of the best tips I’ve ever had as a bride because now, I literally sit on the side of my bed and I probably spray it once in a blue moon, but when I spray it, I get giddy…

Poppy loves layering

I love the Jo Malone London philosophy of layering scent. From this collection, I think my very favourites would be the Velvet Rose and Oud bubble bath, probably with a grapefruit candle, and then Peony and Blush Suede fragrance because it’s feminine and floral, but with an edge. When I wear it, people always react to it.”

Poppy’s a Sixties chick

“When I was at school, I studied Pop Art and artists like Roy Litchenstein. I wanted to go for that Sixties, mod feeling for the packaging of Queen of Pop – all the bright stripes and the mad polka dots – and all the ‘out there’ clashing colours. Queen of Pop… Pop Art… Poppy my name.. it all blended together.”


Poppy’s currently making movies…

Or a TV series for Sky Atlantic, to be precise. She’s starring in the second series of Riviera, originally written by Neil Jordan and co-produced by Paul McGuinness. Right now, she’s filming Nice, so has loads of scripts in her very large handbag.

Poppy’s quite liking her thirties

“I think you understand your place in the world a little more, and who your friends are; you make better life decisions and you take care of yourself more. There’s a confidence about being in your 30s. And while I’ve never really thought about it before, but you can see the difference in my Jo Malone London collections. I created Poptastic when I was in my 20s and it was all about celebrating, parties, confetti, whereas Queen of Pop is ‘Let’s stay in and have a really long bath’!”

Poppy loves a girls night out

“I love the Chiltern Firehouse, it’s been around for five or six years but it’s still the place to go. They’ll always have DJs that play vinyl and it’s just cheeky and a little naughty… and I always leave a little too late, guaranteed to feel horrifying the next day.”


Poppy’s got packing sussed

“Clothing wise, I always take a mixture of lables like Zoe Jordan knitwear, Gert-Johan Coetzee slip dresses which are lovely for the summer, pieces from Reformation, Zimmerman, and cool brands like Maje and Sandro; and some Levi’s shorts, … everything that’s easy going. I never really travel with heels because I’m already a giraffe. I always bring loads of sandals and a lot of trainers, like the white Feiyue trainers that I live in. I go through boxes and boxes of them; they’re like, 20 bucks in Shanghai. And there’s noting like a candle to make a hotel room more homely. I always travel with candles, wherever I go and probably a body wash because it’ll revive you and again, it’ll take you back

Poppy’s Irish connections

“One of my dearest friends is (fashion designer) Zoe Jordan. I’ve been a fan of her’s since I met her 11 years ago. It’s incredible to see how her collections have come on and how well she’s doing. I live in those knits. I’m usually over in Ireland for work but have a relative who’s sadly passed, who was like a second father, from Tipperary. I used to go there with him when I was a child. It’s a special place in my heart.”

Poppy Delevingne’s Queen of Pop collection with Jo Malone London is available exclusively at Brown Thomas Dublin

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