10 Pale Beauties With Perfect Celtic Skin

Did you know 2 Broke Girls actress Kat Dennings is dating Josh Groban? That makes us happy too.

How stunning is Christina Hendricks? If ever there was a poster girl for the no tanning movement, it's the Mad Men actress.

Lily Collins is fast becoming one of our go-to beauty inspirations. She's working a great cropped hair style at the moment, and her brows are taking over from Cara's as the ones to emulate. However, it's her alabaster skin that has us the most envious.


Amanda Seyfried is flying the flag for pale blondes who insist on SPF.

If you like to keep your pale and interesting palette on the classy goth spectrum, then Rooney Mara is your sullen spirit animal.

Emmy Rossum shows us that bubblegum pink lips look the best when there isn't a contour kit in sight.


Krysten Ritter shows us that a rich hair colour is the best weapon to offset pale skin. Don't you agree?

There can't be a listicle of pale-faced heroines without Anne Hathaway. The actress was spotted this week in New York brandishing an umbrella to block out the sun rays. That's commitment to a key feature.

Remember Leap Year? And how English actor Matthew Goode's Irish accent was a bit too ?Go home you're drunk? Irish? Wouldn't it have made sense to ask Amy to attempt the gaelic brogue? Look at that celtic skin.

Irish actress Caitriona Balfe is getting a lot of attention lately. After years as an international model, she's now the leading lady in Outlander, a television show about a World War 2 nurse who time travels back to 17th century Scotland. Her character's skin is magically protected against the windy elements of the highlands...


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