Women's March 2018: The Most Inspiring Way To Start Your Day

After what was probably the most awkward Presidential inauguration the world will ever see, women of the world took to the streets to walk in solidarity with one another. One year on, the momentum of the female movement has accelerated beyond belief and millions more joined together yesterday, galvanised by their passion for positive change and equal rights and their animosity for the Trump government, hoping to continue to lay the foundations of a safer future for womankind.

There hasn't been such a feeling of furious determination to rally for social and political change since the '60s. Instead of "Yes We Can," it's "No You Won't" as we welcome a new form of activism in which people step out of their comfort zones; it's a time to shout, to raise your voice, to make your story heard. And for those who can't shout, we're here to do it for you. For your sister, mother, for the friend who was catcalled and then called a bitch for not smiling, for the women doing extraordinary things while single-handedly raising children alone, for those who find life that little bit harder as disabled women (because life was hard enough before you found yourself stranded at a train station with no help), and for every woman, everywhere fighting their own battles, who knows the pain of gender inequality - we are marching toward you, for you.

Lupita Nyong'o,  Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson and other members of the Time's Up initiative led rallies all over the United States, while the failing American government sat idle. Trump took to Twitter (shock horror) to show his support for the march, despite the fact that many of the protests were directed squarely at him. It made all the slogans even more potent...

Women also gathered in other corners of the world, including Frankfurt, Germany; Kampala, Uganda and Osaka, Japan, where a small group chanted “Time’s up!” in English and Japanese.

Scroll below for some of our favourite moments from this year's women's march.


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