Restore Hair Loss With The Amazing Nourkrin® Woman For Hair Growth

It’s no secret that we all dream of golden, silky-smooth, model-like hair. Hair is a symbol and reflection of our identity in society, especially for women. Traditionally, hair is considered a significant part of physical beauty,  our so-called  ‘Crown and Glory’. While society is relatively accepting of hair loss for men, for women the topic is much more complex. Women can feel alone and pressured in today’s society and may resort to spending hundreds, even thousands,  attempting to conceal their loss.

The sad truth is that 60% of women and 80% of men will experience some form of hair loss throughout their lives. Five major causes of hair loss include stress, (both acute and chronic), hormone irregularities, diet, personal health and genetics (the most common cause of hair loss). There are ways to help address this problem and a balanced diet is important to ensure optimal hair growth. Proteins, complex B-vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, silica, magnesium, omega fatty acids are especially important, so make sure your meals contain rich sources of these, such as eggs, fish and lentils.

Support is also available in the form of supplement, Nourkrin®. It is the only supplement to be awarded the coveted Gold Medal from the World Trichology Society for ‘delivering outstanding results in life quality for men and women suffering from hair loss in a safe, ethical and natural manner’. Drug-free, safe and scientifically proven for more than 20 years. Nourkrin® Woman For Hair Growth is specifically formulated for women, to nourish the hair and support normal hair growth. The proprietary blend of ingredients, including the unique Marilex®, works in conjunction with the hair growth cycle and helps to normalise the overall life and function of the hair follicles.


Nourkrin is available from health stores and pharmacies nationwide.


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