9 Home Accessories You & Your Dog Will Love

Here in Ireland we are dog lovers, but living with them can sometimes be tricky. Alongside rubs and cuddles, and whatever you're eating right now, they also love to muddy your velvet sofa with the sheer excitement of seeing you.

Don't get me wrong, it comes from a place of undying love, but can you ask your dog to not curl up on the John Hanly throw? To refrain from shedding all over the freshly washed bed linens? To tidy away their mangled chew toys so that guests don't either trip on them or think that something small and once-furry hasn't died in the middle of the kitchen? To try and get some of the content of their water bowl actually into their mouth, rather than all over the floor?

The short answer is no, so you'll have to opt for one of sweet and stylish doggie options we've assembled below, including luxurious dog beds, hiding places, toys and feeding bowls.

Lord Lou Max Cushion

Get your four-legged friend off the sofa and onto their own dog bed with this super soft cushion, above. Max cushion, made of washable artificial fur. From €59, LordLou

MiaCara Covo Dog Lounge


This dog bed ticks all the boxes and while it comes with quite a hefty price tag, it's well worth the investment. Made from bent plywood with a foam cushion and durable fabric cover that is washable. Your dog will be super comfy and you'll be aesthetically pleased. Covo Dog Lounge, from €499, MiaCara

Peter Dog Burrow

Maybe it’s in their genes, but a burrower will not rest until they’re buried. If you have a burrower, they are sure to love this cosy Peter Dog Burrow. The outside is made of cellulose fibre, while the inside lining is made with a soft, warm wool bouclé. Peter Dog Burrow, €108, 2.8

MiaCara dogBar®


Mealtime is a far more stylish affair with the DogBar dog feeder. The design includes removable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowls that fit neatly into a raised solid wood frame. It minimises slippage so your dog can dine with elegance. DogBar Dog Feeder, from €119, designed by Jiri M.R. Katter for MiaCara

Woolknit Drumstick Toy

Crafted from 100% lambswool, the handcrafted Woolknit Drumstick Toy by Ware Of The Dog is made with all natural dyes. Woolknit Drumstick Pet Toy, around €17, Conran Shop

Lulà Dog Bowl


If you are a fan of Alessi, you might want this bowl more than your dog. With a lid in thermoplastic resin and a high quality stainless steel bowl, it is super cool and functional. The lid has the double task of protecting the food and preventing your mutt from eating all day. Lulà Dog bowl, €69, designed by Miriam Mirri, Alessi

Roma Luxury Dog Bowl

The rustic wood Roma double dog bowl features a frame in solid oak with two stainless steel dishwasher-safe bowls. Roma Luxury Dog Bowl, From €89, Lord Lou

Woof Dog Bed

A super cosy bed your pet can snuggle into that's also machine washable. Woof Dog Bed, from €49, The Blue Door

The Dog House Sofa

The Dog House Sofa, by creative design studio MUN, based in in Seoul and Copenhagen, is the perfect example of designer furniture that both you and your pooch can enjoy together. Ideal for smole puppers. Munseungli

Featured image by Jay Wennington on Unsplash.

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