10 Mother’s Day Cards To Suit Every Type Of Mum

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The art of card-writing isn't given enough appreciation, especially in today's fast-paced world. There's something inherently special about taking precious time out of your busy schedule to sit down, think and write about beautiful things to say about your loved one. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, here are ten Hallmark cards from Eason that say what we really, really mean.

For the mums who make special memories. Because sometimes, you need the card to do all the talking for you...

For the mum with a good sense of humour...and an even better sense of style...

For the mum who deserves an extra little something...


For the maximalist mum; whose life is full of colour.

For the mum who prefers to keep things classic. We only hope we can be as classic as you when we grow up...if that ever happens...

For the botany expert. There aren't enough floral motifs in the world to express how much you mean to us!


For the traditionalist. No frills or surprises; just a beautiful message and a heartfelt hug.

For celebrating mum's not just on Mother's Day.

For the style queen mum; we're sorry for always borrowing your clothes and not returning them...

For the mum who's given us the world. We only hope we can give it back someday.

Pick up a special Hallmark card to celebrate Mother’s Day (Sunday, March 11th) in Eason stores nationwide. Choose from a wide variety of funny, thoughtful, loving, poetic, themed or simple cards to best suit your Mum’s personality.


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