Steal Her Style: Dressing For Paris Couture Week On A High Street Budget

Haute Couture Fashion Week is in full swing this week and while we're still transfixed by some of our favourite moments, we can't help but feel a bit sombre that most of the beautiful garments are well outside our spending limitations.

Creating our favourite looks within the limitations of our budget is a bit more exciting though, isn't it? Besides, who doesn't love a good challenge? Shop of our favourite couture week looks below, straight from your favourite high street stores.


Anya Ziourova, photographed by Phil Oh

For those of you not familiar with Anya Ziourova, she is a stylist and the fashion director of both Tatler Russia and Allure Russia. In other words, miss Ziourova knows a thing or two. She is praised for her pared-back outfits, pieced together from a mix of high and low labels. By pairing a pair of pointed leather kitten heels with an otherwise conventional jeans and T-shirt combination, Ziourova has made this ensemble effortlessly swanky and, importantly, comfortable. 12/10.


1.Vero Moda long faux fur jacket, €102.34 at Asos, 2. ribbed cotton tee, €6 at, 3. Nora light retro jeans, €70 at, 4. juicy V-Cut mules, €34 at, 5. urban classics canvas white belt, €6.90 at, 6. tassels pendant earrings, €12.95 at Mango


Brie Welch, photographed by Phil Oh

What is it that makes French style so desirable? Perhaps it's the simplicity, charm and elegance. Okay, not all French girls were berets, but hats as a whole are symbolic of Parisian chic. And how striking does stylist and creative consultant Brie Welch look wearing a subtle pop of pink? Welch achieved what many fail to do, which is dress weather-appropriately (it rained a lot in Paris this week). We imagine she's wearing a suave pair of loafers and so have styled our look with leather loafers from Zara, below, along with a modern slogan-print cross-body bag. Makeup remains minimal with a tiny splash of pink lipgloss to enhance the pink beret.

 1. lance coat, €107.36 at Rains, 2. pink beret, €17 at River Island, 3. gingham midi dress, €52 at Topshop, 4. leather loafers with pearl beads, €55.95 at Zara, 5. slogan print cross-body, €19.95 at Zara, 6. Stay All Day sheer liquid lipstick, €17.73 at

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