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Now that Christmas is closer than ever, what you really need is a?hinting guide that's guaranteed?to help you??gently nudge? to get more of what you really want this year.

Why joke about what you really want for Christmas? Hinting isn't cheating, think of it as a service to help happiness this Christmas. This list has been devised to ensure your hint-dropping is as subtle as a sledgehammer!?

It's time to hint like your Christmas depends on it:

1. Teach your dog to speak

Ok, so your dog won't be reciting Shakespeare any time soon but emulating sounds on command is one of the easiest tricks to teach your dog. For example, if you know that your dog barks when the doorbell rings, then ring the bell and when he barks say ?DIAMONDS? followed by a treat. After repeating several times, try giving them the command {DIAMONDS}, and if they obey and bark, give them a treat.


2. Leave a message on a steamy mirror

There's a trick to doing it right?use some wet soap to write a message on the mirror. Wait for it to set and then wipe off the residue with a tissue to keep it as a surprise. Next time someone has a shower, the mirror will fog up to reveal your ?Hint?

3. Carefully script dreams

This might not be the subtlest hint but telling your partner you dreamt about something is sure to prick their ears up!

4.?Complain about old stuff

Sometimes possessions are in need of an upgrade so having a moan about old things is always a good tactic?without actually having to ask for something new.

5.?Be careless on the internet

Keeping your browsing history private might be a good idea at times but it can be a great way to ?accidentally? let your partner know what your ideal present is.

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