Natural Texture Hair Reigns At Haute Couture Week And Here's How The Pros Do It

Next time you have to run out the door with your hair looking very much just-post-shower, don't feel too bad. It's a haute couture look, you know.  Yesterday at the Ellery Haute Couture Eugene Souleiman created an elegantly tough Victoriana look, that was sharp, refined and all about the hair's natural texture.

Eugene explains that “at the front there’s this very masculine, Victorian feeling to the hair and then it just becomes more natural. At first glance, hair is contained on top of the head and then it becomes really loose. There’s a really beautiful play on the blending of textures, it’s really lovely. This look is about minimalism, it’s about how you can say so much by taking things away and just keeping that purity. It’s about the emotion that you put into the hairstyle, the attitude you have when you’re styling it – it’s very sharp, defined, it’s opinionated but in a very quiet way and that’s what I love about it. It’s really very subtle but very strong to look at – it’s pure and it’s beautiful."

Want to know how he did it? Here's your three-step guide.

The Key Technique


Eugene explains, “in order to create a natural texture to the hair, we’re using the ghd Air Hair Dryer, €104, and a little EIMI Sugar Lift; this ensures lightness and removes any oil from the hair, which is key.”


ghd Air Hair Dryer, €104


“For the second step we’re using a lot of EIMI Dynamic Fix." This is a crafting spray, and we'd recommend Aveda Texture Tonic, €24.50, which adds a light hold to the hair.

"We take a panel of hair from the center of the head, allowing the edges of the panel to fall down and create a side parting. Working with the remainder of the hair (this should be the underneath section) we take sections and spray the roots."

Aveda Texture Tonic, €24.50

"There’s a trick to this application though – we’re not just spraying the roots, we’re spraying them at an angle in a way that distributes the product but doesn’t create a line. We’re looking for a seamless flow of texture, a very clean, sharp and shiny texture that resembles something like a satin to compliment the fabrics used in the show. It’s all about the weightlessness and softness of a fabric as it falls down. We’re using that feeling and interpreting it in a hairstyle.”


Next, Eugene uses a small amount of Wella EIMI Sculpt Force, (or try any hair styling gel) which he applied at the roots using a paint brush to reinforce the appearance of a satin finish. He then diffused the hair is then diffused with a hairdryer and brought various sections of hair over the top of the head. The majority of sectioned hair is then brushed across the head and tucked behind the ears so that the textures blend. The remaining strands are pulled back so that they look taut, for that Victorian slick back look.

Et voilà! Haute couture-worthy hair.

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