An Ode to Kate Middleton's hair (and will we ever find out her secret?)

Kate Middleton's hair is the absolute dream. Thick, glossy, not overly processed (we think!) and swishes in the wind like there are weights at the bottom of it, just like the queen's skirts. I love it, and I want to know... Does she have extensions?

Will we ever find out if Kate Middleton's stunning hair is all natural?

I wish. Although I'm sure she has iron clad privacy and non-disclosure contracts until the end of time with anyone that ever touches her hair - extension professionals included. Even if she does have extensions, the bonds are probably so small and the hair match so exact that we'd never ever have evidence in  a picture, but that doesn't stop me wondering.

This is the video that prompted my question. I have watched 983 times, each time trying to zoom closer, trying to discern if there was a slight colour difference, if I could detect any evidence at all of some teeny, tiny bonds. Alas, I could not.

Imitation and flattery


Her hair is one of the things, like her style, her choice of make-up and her fondness for a dinky clutch bag, that people are always trying to copy. And really, without a significant amount of assistance from genetics, the vast majority of us can't quite compare. I've met two or three people in my life that I've thought, 'okay, your hair compares somewhat to Kate's'. And trust me - I deeply, deeply envy those people.

I, unlike Kate, was given thin, frizzy, mousy coloured hair that neither holds a style nor grows very long. Hence my enduring envy and gentle obsession.

Up or down

ate's hair is at its best, I feel, when she wears it down. When it's up, wrapped lovingly in one of the diamond tiaras she has access to, it still manages to look incredible. I would love nothing more than to know if there's a bundle of fake hair in the mix, if there's a sponge set in it to hold the upstyle.

You'll never see a grey out of place in Duchess Catherine's hair either, and that's  down to, well, having a personal hairdresser. Amanda Cook Tucker was present to do her hair directly after the birth of all three of her children, she was there on the wedding day and she's there every single time Kate spots a grey.


Even when she's in a more casual setting, the gentle caramel highlights, the shine, she bounce... It still looks better than anyone else's hair. I am beyond jealous. Amanda Cook Tucker, as I mentioned, is her private and personal hairdresser, and works with the royals full time, so any of the hair changes you'll have seen since 2012 would have had Amanda's involvement.

Amanda used to have an instagram account and she once posted a pic of the hair tools she was bringing away with her on a royal trip to Sweden. L'Oréal Elnett, a ghd and some Charles Worthington products were all visible in the picture - just in case you fancy attempting a Kate blow-dry at home.

Long story short, I'm absolutely gutted to have landed in the shallow end of the hair gene pool, and I'm left wondering whether or not I'd be a princess now had I been born with long, thick, glossy brunette hair.

Mind you, that'd be one mad looking baby.

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