5 Anti-Stress Scents Guaranteed To Help You Unwind

Not all of us can clear our mind and find a new state of zen with a good brisk walk. What if we just haven't time to get the exercise in at the end of a hectic day? Or what if we're feeling up to ninety simply sitting at a desk we've no hope of getting away from? The good news is that while we can't promise you a shorter working day, what we can promise is that one of the big beauty trends of 2018 will see more and more companies create perfumes and products that will help you see off stress.

In the Jan/Feb issue of IMAGE Magazine (on shelves now), beauty writer Holly O'Neill talks of her favourite mood boosters; the products designed to lull you into a state of calm and here we've chosen a few more designed to draw on neuroscience and evoke a physical reaction in the wearer.

Jo Malone London Lino Nel Vento Scent Surround™ Linen Spray, €52 (approx) 

Intended to subtly scent fabrics with the gentle aroma of lavender, rosemary and thyme to help aid muscle relaxation, this one feels like you're wrapped in a pair of fresh cosy, yet comfy pyjamas.

Aromatherapy Associates Support - Breathe Essence, €30.99 (approx)


For an instant and invigorating pick-me-up, simply put 2/3 drops onto a tissue inhale deeply and experience the clearing effects of antibacterial essential oils Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Pine, Tea-Tree and feel your stress vibes fade away.

Origins Peace of Mind On-The-Spot Relief, €17.99 (approx)

Apply just two dabs of Origins mind-clearing formula on the back of your neck, temples and earlobes. You'll feel a tingling sensation as pressure, tension and tightness begin to feel as if they melt away thanks to the active peppermint ingredients.

& Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Mist, €15


One for first thing in the morning, this revitalising scent instantly awakens the skin with its currant berries and freshness of bamboo and wild fig.

This Works Scent Well Diffuser & Deep Sleep Oil Set, €79 (approx)

A portable, USB-chargeable scent diffuser, perfect for wellbeing on the go. Add a few drops of your favourite oil - or the Deep Sleep Super Blend oil that comes with it - and switch on whenever you need a moment of calm, to create a tranquil environment to relax the mind and body.

For more mood-boosting scents, see the Jan/Feb issue of IMAGE Magazine, on shelves now.

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