10 Spring Wedding Bouquets

Many florists will cite Spring flowers as their favourites; perhaps because of how they sit, the subtlety of colour… or maybe its just that exuberant move out of winter’s depths. There’s certainly something more delicate in a spring bouquet, compared to one of summer flowers; and anyway, we always advocate choosing varieties that you would find naturally blooming, at the time of your wedding. But with hothouses and imports par for the course, with all but the most discerning of artisan florists, however, can you tell which types to choose? Read on, dear bridelings, for ten of the most temperate spring bouquets…

Flower guide image credit: Green Wedding Shoes


Icelandic Poppies

Freeheart Project

Peonies, with Sweet Pea and Ranunculus

Lilac, Clematis and Jasmine

Burnetts Boards

King Protea

Style me Pretty

Sweet Pea and Lilac



Twiggs Floral Studio


Flower Muse


Style me Pretty

Mimosa Acacia



The Natural Wedding Company

Main image credit: OuiOuiOui Studio

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