The Architect’s Home

Check out The Architect’s Home (Taschen, €29.99) for an in depth insight into the private interior world of some of the most famous 20th century architects including Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, William Morris and Jean Prouvé as well as modern talent including John Pawson. Ireland is well represented in this impressive tome with Eileen Grey’s E. 1027 French abode and Michael Scott’s beautiful home Geragh in Sandycove. The book plays on that simple curiosity of discovering how people who design iconic public exteriors furnish their private domestic spaces. There’s also a sense of capturing moments in time (and space), as some of these houses simply no longer exist, while others have new owners and new uses. This book is a coffee table book lover’s statement piece, an architect’s fancy, an interior design fanatic’s dream, and above all a very beautiful publication.

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