Summer Living Space Updates Under €30

Regardless of the actual weather outside, it’s nice to be able to carry seasonal distinctions through your decor scheme – especially during the summer months when you can make the most of extra light for a truly fresh feel…

Needless to say, not all of us have the time or money for a complete seasonal overhaul, but a few summer brights and well-placed touches can make a surprisingly big impression. Follow the lead of designer Sandrine Ziegler-Munck and her fabulous French home for some colourful summer living-space updates under €30.

Colour pop cushion from Ikea - Living room updates on

1. A colour-pop cushion. Vibrant textiles are the quickest and easiest way to add a touch of va-va-voom to your home’s look – Sandrine has used bright sofa cushions from her own label, La Cerise sur le Gâteau, as well as indigo cushions by Merci. I think this white and multicolour cushion from Ikea (€4.50) strikes just the right light-hearted note for an optimistic Irish summer.

Multi colour washi tape - Living room updates on

2. Wonderful washi art. Sandrine created her own graphic designs with pink masking tape throughout the house, as a way of breaking the classical code without changing classical features themselves. Washi tape is another fun, flexible means for those with a fear of commitment to put bare wall space to work in a new way; use varying patterns and widths to create a custom design if you’re arty, but even a simple neon stripe can revive a room. This set of three rolls of slim washi tape is €8.41 including shipping from Rhino and Roo on Etsy.

Annie Sloan chalk paint in English yellow - Living room updates on

3. Perky paint. If washi tape is too wishy-washy for you (ahem), a wide band of bright paint can add a more impactful element of fun that can still easily be painted over at a later date. Sandrine created contrast in her son’s bedroom with this cool acid-green stripe, which I’d personally love to copy in Annie Sloan’s English Yellow, €27.50 from Rua Dublin.

Fragrance bottle from - Living room updates on

4. A cool candle. Candles may conjure up images of cosy winter evenings, but a combination of a clean scent and cool presentation can make them the perfect summer accessory, like this one moulded into the shape of a bottle with a brass lid that doubles as a flame snuffer (now reduced to €25.20 at hopefully shouldn’t need to light a fire too many times during the summer (hungover Sundays not included), but those lucky enough to have a fireplace needn’t leave it sitting empty for the duration – a collection of candles of different heights like Sandrine’s arrangement can add contemporary drama and give your living room a new look.

Photography Louis Lemaire Styling Kristel de Jong

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