Interiors Pinspiration: Adorable Attic Living Rooms

This week on Pinterest we’ve been watching the advance of the attic sitting room… 

Perhaps it’s because I spent my childhood years in a bedroom that made being fully vertical a virtual impossibility, but I have always had a special place in my heart for the attic. Being banished to the garret may have been a punishment for one of my literary heroines at the time (Sara Crewe of A Little Princess) but I happen to think there’s something weirdly wonderful about being hidden away in the eaves.

Post-Frances Hodgson Burnett, attic bedrooms have come to be a feature of many a home buyer’s fantasy. And now, as we city dwellers work to squeeze every last drop out of the precious square metres at our disposal, clever attic hacks are turning spaces that may once have been relegated to the realm of storage into lovely loft living rooms as well. As always, Pinterest shows us how it’s done…

Image via Lovely Life blog. Interiors Pinspiration: Adorable Attic Living Rooms – Image Interiors & Living

I’d love to spend my evenings among the slanted ceilings and beautiful beams of this bright attic chill-out space, spotted on the Lovely Life blog. The white-painted ceiling stops it from feeling cramped, while all that soft leather and the plush textiles keep it warm. The perfect place to read a book and forget about the world.

Copyright Vincent Leroux for Maire Claire Maison. Interiors Pinspiration: Adorable Attic Living Rooms – Image Interiors & Living

The word ‘eclectic’ was made for the inventive design of this unique attic, which sits atop the incredible Melbourne home of the artist David Bromley. As it should be, even among all that glamour, the simple rounded window is the focal point around which everything else comes together. Photographed here for Marie Claire Maison, the space is currently being used by the artist as an office, but I think if the Egyptian gilded sofa were replaced by something slightly more comfortable, he’d have himself one very stylish sitting room.

Interiors Pinspiration: Adorable Attic Living Rooms – Image Interiors & Living

Nautical but nice, this attic living room is the jewel in the crown of a stunning seaside rental in Cornwall. Cute and cosy, with what I can only assume are spectacular views, the stellar soft furnishings and wood-burning stove elevate this design to dream-home territory.

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