How To Decorate With Dark Walls

Sarah Drumm, from online shop and interior design consultancy Dust, shares her tips for making dark walls work in any space.

Dark is the new neutral
Dark walls have a dramatic impact on a space yet are surprisingly versatile. I consider darker hued walls to be as neutral as white walls since any colour looks good against an inky blue or dark charcoal wall. You can really play with colour in a dark space by adding pops of much stronger colours that you might not ordinarily use in a brighter, white walled room. Hot pink, for example, looks fantastic and will still give an air of sophistication.

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Light up
Lighting is key in any space, but even more so in a darkly decorated room. It’s important to have several light sources, including pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps. By layering your lighting, you can change and adapt it to suit your mood and the way in which you use your room.

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Make friends with metallics
Introducing metallics will instantly add warmth and glamour. A mix of the warmer metals such as gold, brass and copper elements will really stand out beautifully against a dark back drop. A brass-framed mirror will look stunning against a dark wall and the mirror will reflect light back into the room. These shimmering finishes will give a room a real luxe feel.

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Tactical textures
Dark walls don’t necessarily mean a dark room, adding in elements such as lighter coloured soft furnishings can really lift a space. A gorgeous light coloured wool rug will not only lighten the look, but will also add in some much needed texture. Couple this with luxurious fabrics such as sheepskin and velvet cushions for added texture and depth, which will really cosy up a space.


Photography and featured image: Ruth Maria Murphy
In conversation with: Jillian Bolger


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