House Tour: Black, White and Bold

Home of the Year season 2 episode 1

Billed as a lesson in originality, teacher Pat Davern’s north Dublin terrace home, is a surprise from start to finish. After living in the property for a number of years, Davern decided it was time for an overhaul and together with his architect, came up with a radical renovation. “I wanted to think outside the box.”

RTÉ Home of the Year viewers will recognise the unique home from Series 2. Not only did the build drop down a half a level, which the judges felt was ingenious, but a very unusual choice of material was used liberally throughout the home. “I was lucky enough to find a very good architect who came up with the idea of using polycarbonate plastic. I’m really happy with it because it’s quite cheap and very practical. It goes with a minimalist style and it’s low maintenance, which suits me!”

Home of the Year Season 2 Episode 1

The judges unanimously felt that the choice of material was inspired given the tremendous amount of light it allows into the space, with judge Hugh Wallace calling it, “fabulous”.

Home of the Year season 2 episode 1

Davern’s favourite place in is home is nestled next to the fireplace overlooking the courtyard which Hugh thought was a very clever addition.”You have a feeling that the inside and outside are one space, which is very important when you’ve got a small footprint.” The tree, which Davern is very partial to, adds a tinge of colour to the monochrome palette.

Home of the Year season 2 episode 1

The bedroom, office and storage area hover above the kitchen, which Davern likens to a treehouse. The black and white scheme is continued, making the space feel bigger and very streamlined.

Home of the Year season 2 episode 1

Light floods into the upper space thanks to the very clever ensuite which has a glass ceiling, something that delighted the judges. Davern explains that he wanted a cantilevered structure for the bathroom that floated above the courtyard and, when lit up, looked like a Chinese paper lantern. Declan likened it to floating in space, while Deirdre felt you could be beamed up into the heavens. Hugh summed it up best, saying, “This is a very unique and clever piece of design that I have never seen before.”

Home of the Year season 2 episode 1

This “box of tricks” home certainly impressed the judges, with Declan calling it bold and brave and a home like no other. It’s clear that Pat Davern truly appreciates the originality of his home, saying, “This house may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s designed for me and the way I want to live and I’m very happy with the result. You know your house is your home when it’s a place you look forward to coming back to.”

Home of the Year season 2 episode 1

RTE’s Home of the Year is looking for new applicants. If you feel your home has what it takes, apply online now at The closing date is Monday, 18th July. All images by Verona McQuaid, Verona Photography for RTÉ’s Home of The Year, which can be viewed on the RTÉ Player.


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