Hallowe’en Inspiration: DIY Marbled Pumpkins

For something a little bit different this Hallowe’en weekend, we’re looking to American DIY blog, Alice & Lois, founded by twin sisters Sara and Melissa. These indigo-hued gourds are just one of the many wonderful ideas, inspiration and projects on their site.

For this DIY project all you need is a plastic container, warm water, a wooden stick and indigo blue nail polish. The full tutorial can be found here.


For it, you’ll need to source a mini white pumpkin. Appassionata flowers, in Dublin 2, has an astounding selection of seasonal pumpkins including the suitably named, Baby Boo.

Today's bestseller, the baby boo…#intheshop #saturday

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Why indigo pumpkins? Sara explains that they’re obsessed with the colour. “We love dying our own indigo shibori fabric, sewing with vintage indigo mudcloth and marbling anything with indigo! We love the simplicity of a white surface and adding a bold and bright indigo blue colour.”

With a multitude of pumpkin patches now across Ireland, a turn a quick trip to the shops can be a fun family day out. We’ll be heading to Kennedy’s Pumpkin Patch in Julianstown, Co. Meath, which has built up a great reputation since opening six years ago

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