How To Create A Calming Sleep Space

For many adults, our open-plan, online life means a calming sleep space is becoming all the more attractive. Here’s how to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary …

Tandem Tables
Traditional advice would dictate that bedside units should match. However, bedside tables need to match bedside needs. Minimalists can appreciate a tray table or a simple stool, while more clutter-prone folks need easy access to storage. Mix and match.

Head Room
Proportion is key when considering a headboard. Too short and it will look squat and mean. Too high, and it can overwhelm a room. Four feet tall is the Goldilocks point, leaving room when pillows are plumped as well as space to hang artwork.

The Blue Door

Bedding from The Blue Door

Light the way
While table lamps are the obvious go-to for creating a softer scheme, consider wall-mounted lights and standing lamps to add layers to your lighting. Look for sheer lampshades that diffuse light and opt for bulbs in warm tones.

Scented slumber 
Fragrance has been shown to aid sleep, so keep a pillow or room spray nearby to help you drift off. L’Occitane’s Relaxing Pillow Mist contains lavender essential oil to calm, while This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has wild chamomile to quiet a busy mind.

Expert advice
“Don’t be fooled by thread count,” says Sari Winckworth of organic and fairtrade bedding company, White & Green. “The most important thing to consider with high quality cotton sheets is not the thread count, but rather the quality of the threads used. The best quality uses one long staple or thread.”
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