A Silver Platter: The Pan 999 by San Lorenzo

Practical and polished, Italian silver brand San Lorenzo’s design-oriented Cooking With Pure Silver collection is a cut above your average pots and pans…

Since 1970, Italian brand San Lorenzo has been integrating traditional silversmithing skills with new technology to create innovative, functional pieces from this traditional material.

A Silver Platter: The ‘Pan 999′ saucepan San Lorenzo

Seeking more practical everyday uses for their medium, the people at San Lorenzo have conducted years of careful research into the advantages of cooking with silver, beginning in the 1990s. Through this research they discovered that, in its purest form, it is both bactericidal and fungicidal. And because it conducts heat more efficiently than other metals, silver utensils cook food quickly and at low temperatures, allowing nutrients to be better preserved.

Pure Silver 03

Based on these findings, designer Tobia Scarpa created the Cooking With Pure Silver collection was created in 1999. Now, San Lorenzo has gone on to update the line, calling it PAN 999. The refined versions are encased in pure iron, resulting in a hardwearing luxurious look we love.

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