Plump for a Cute Cushion

Feeling nostalgic for the barely existent summer just gone? I hear ya! This cushion is sure to brighten up the darker mornings…

At first glance, this round cushion reminded me of an abstract Paul Henry painting, a familiar landscape to bring indoors. The designer, Patrick Thomson, was in fact inspired by summer holidays in Redcar,  a seaside resort in the northeast of the UK. This, along with vintage travel posters like the one pictured below, influenced the colour palette of powder blue, teal, white, and cavalry yellow and the soft, flowing forms of this series of home décor fabrics entitled Strata for the Hainsworth Mill of Yorkshire.



One of the oldest luxury mills, which has been producing textiles since 1783, Hainsworth traditionally specialised in the Melton cloth seen in this cushion and commonly used for workmen’s donkeys jackets in Britain and Ireland up until the 1960s. The fabric is heavy-duty and dense, as it’s heavily milled and has a matt texture. Yet somehow it manages to still be dreamy.


Strata cushion series, around €640, The New Craftsmen

Buy the cushion here.

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