5 Great Ways to Catch the Last Rays of Summer Sun – At Home

At a loss for ways to make the most of our last few precious days of summer? Worry not, as we’ve compiled five of the best ways to relax, get creative and have some fun in your outdoor space…

1. Backyard bar We might not have what you’d call a tropical climate, but that won’t stop us from creating our very own Club Tropicana in our paved private paradise out back. So, dust off the cocktail shakers and wheel out the bar cart (cockatoos and golden pineapples are mandatory!).


Image: Nathalie Marquez Courtney, Image Interiors & Living July-August 2015

2. Make your own movie house Create your very own picture palace in the comfort (and proximity) of your backyard: simply pin up a sheet to your clothesline and voilà! With projectors starting at €250 (Currys), having your own bespoke cinema experience is more attainable than ever – just add popcorn and blankets, and shout “action”!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.29.14

Image: Mark Scott, Image Interiors & Living July-August 2014

3. Pitch up on your plot Whether you’re still in festival fever, craving a nook to catch up on a good book, or just want to play makeshift house, tents are fun for all ages (as is sleeping outside amid all those mysterious night-time nature noises). Now to plan the interior…



4. Play childhood garden games Re-creating your favourite board games is a fun twist on the usual ball-based/kickabout garden games. Make yourself a giant outdoor Scrabble set with cardboard and a good marker, or spray-paint a Twister board onto your lawn (make sure to use removable paint!). The possibilities are endless, and so will be the nostalgia…

image Say Yes


5. Indulge in carefree chaos Thinking up ways to get children to put down the iPads and play outside is getting ever more difficult – but, let’s face it, making a mess is always fun. Messy play outdoors is a great method of allowing children to experiment creatively (without destroying your home). With dozens of websites dedicated to the art of messy play, you won’t be long searching for an idea to spark both your children’s imagination and your own.



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