Watch: Inside Olivia Palermo’s Wardrobe

It is a fashion truth universally acknowledged that Olivia Palermo is the woman whose wardrobe makes us feel slightly faint with impressed envy. British Vogue managed to get a look at her wardrobe, and they videoed the guided tour Ms. Palermo herself gave.
What have we learned? Olivia stays in rather stunning hotels with olive tones. She considers leather pants a staple. She works with Tommy Hilfiger a lot. She loves Tibi and wears a piece of it everyday. She also has strong feelings for Valentino and Dior. She combs one pair of heels. And her coffee table has a white candle* burning beside a bouquet of white flowers.
Olivia is just that type of girl.

*Scented, with the base note of a tree you’ve never heard of that only grows in the private gardens of Monte Carlo and Japan.

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