The Sexiest Lingerie You’ve Ever Seen?

We couldn’t mark the weekend release of Fifty Shades of Grey without a look at some truly provocative lingerie. Agent Provocateur’s latest collection is truly decadent and, no apologies for the following adjective, fierce.

Of all the luxury lingerie brands in the past few years, Agent Provocateur is the one to have really broken through to the mainstream. Read any romance novel involving an amorous billionaire and an Agent Provocateur set will be mentioned. It’s like a sexy drinking game.

We got our hands on this season’s lookbook and it’s all a little bit NSFW, in a tasteful way. The Agent Provocateur DNA is everywhere and the colour palette is a dream. Azure and jewel tones dominate with lighter neons in intricate lacework. Also, can you imagine how soft those stockings are?

The BDSM influence is classily done, as always, and if anyone tells you it’s disempowering to look that kind of sexy, just quote fountain of life knowledge, Patsy of Ab Fab, “What do you mean? She’s got the whip!”

sexiest lingerie

sexiest lingerie

sexiest lingerie

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