Swap Your Jeans For Dungarees

I’m toying with the idea of dungarees, or overalls (although the latter term suggests grubby car mechanic rather than chic street wear). Having embraced athleisure, I’m looking for my next sartorial challenge and I think the utilitarian all-in-one could be it. I’ll begin with black, which is a bit of a cheat because  the dungarees could almost be mistaken for jeans and a top – black tends to obscure detail rather than highlight it – then I’ll venture towards a fitted pair in indigo denim in the style of Kate Bosworth or Diane Kruger, and if all goes well, I’ll channel Naomi Watts in her distressed denim dungarees with turn-ups. But one pair at a time …

These Zara dungarees are my cheat pair, so to speak. The standard dungaree buckle detail on the straps is in black, so it’s nice and discreet. Styled with a pair of heels and a blazer, these overalls offer a safe way to experiment with the trend.

Cropped dungarees, €39.95 at Zara

Next on my hit list are these dark denims from H&M. Again, they’re cropped, but opting for a shorter leg makes head-to-toe denim look less overwhelming. These are not as slouchy as the Zara overalls above, but are not fully fitted either, which can be very unforgiving in a one-piece.

Denim dungarees, €39.99 at H&M

These Chloe dungarees are fabulous, designed more like high-waisted trousers than overalls. The double-front button detailing gives them a slightly military vibe, which immediately adds polish to the look, while the line of the straps, which spread from the centre of the body outward to the shoulders, will help even out your proportions by aligning with your hips. These will take you anywhere.

Straight leg dungarees, Chloe, €880 at

A dungaree maxi dress is a much easier way to wear an all-in-one. This Asos version is reduced to a mere €28 so is worth a punt. I love the buttery shade, which can feel really fresh in winter, and the side pockets add a boyish charm which I love.

Paisie dungaree maxi dress, €28 (reduced from €93.33) at

Although they look quite literally like a mechanic’s overalls, I love these Stella McCartney dungarees. They look so effortlessly chic, and comfortable – the onesie’s older, more sophisticated sister, you might say.

Denim overalls, Stella McCartney, €775 at

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