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New York-based stylist Linda Rodin is the founder of luxury skincare brand RODIN olio lusso and a former fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Here, the beauty innovator and style icon shares a glimpse into her art-inspired life.

I modelled for Karen Walker alongside other older women for her sunglasses campaign, Advanced Style. The photo was taken by Ari Seth Cohen.

Donald Robertson (@drawbertson) painted my wallet at a Bergdorf Goodman event this winter.

Same girl. Same place. Different decade.

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This is me, on the left, in 1985, and on the right in 2015. I found this old photo and wanted to show the contrast of almost 30 years.

My Heavenly Creature

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Winks, at home, playing on the sofa. I think I caught him a bit off guard.

Giddy up

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This photograph was taken on a shoot in Idaho – I was playing the cowgirl.

Thanks Annika for this wonderful photo of GOSTA and I tonight. Perfect evening. Thanks @turngallery.

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Me with my mentor, Gosta Peterson, at the Turn Gallery in May. He was having a show there to highlight his illustrious career as one of the best fashion photographers ever.

Me, myself and I 😉 MECCA in Chadstone, Melbourne. @meccacosmetica.

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I travelled to Melbourne, Australia to launch my beauty line at Mecca Cosmetica (@meccacosmetica).

I am the luckiest woman in the world to have the master @drawbertson loving my lipsticks.

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My friend Donald Robertson (the artist often compared to Andy Warhol) made this adorable drawing when my lipstick collection launched.

This article originally appeared in the November issue of IMAGE magazine.

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