Kim Kardashian Style: Why You Need To Respect

Okay. You’ve read the headline and we know you’re rolling your eyes right now, but hear us out; Kim Kardashian has serious fashion game and deserves props. It’s hard to believe the pop culture mega star was once a stylist for Paris Hilton before she made the big time, but actually it makes sense when we look at her signature style. Granted, there’ve been a few blips along the way, but who doesn’t fall at the fashion hurdle sometimes? Yeah, you go right ahead and burn those 21st birthday party photos. Here’s exactly why Kim Kardashian West gives good style:

She rocks a blazer.

Kim’s power shoulder is her signature look, usually paired with jeans and a T-Shirt. The structure and shape on top balances out her curvy silhouette perfectly, giving her that immaculate hourglass shape. Sit up and take note – this look is timeless.

Kim Kardashian

She knows what dress is best.

Everyone has a dress shape that makes them look like a movie star, it’s just a matter if finding the right style and sticking to it. Kim’s long sleeved, high neck shape is her favourite and she rocks it with a long and short hemline. Girl’s done her homework. What’s more, she’s testament to the fact that rules are there to be broken; high neck shapes needn’t only be reserved for the more flat chested among us.

Kim Kardashian


She takes risks.

What is the point in fashion if you don’t have fun with it? Kim has a slew of designer pals who are waiting in line to dress her for red carpet events, and she embraces it no matter what the critics say. Brave, bold and beautiful – that’s what dressing is all about, isn’t it?

Kim Kardashian

Some outfits are inexplicably amazing.

Some of Kim’s choices are so crazy on paper… but they just work. Like the PVC pink dress, or her black cage dress and blonde look from last year? So wrong, so very right. Respect.

Kim Kardashian

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