Kelly Osbourne to Launch Clothing Line

Should we expect a lot of lavender?

Reality television star, occasional singer, MAC collaborator and now a fully-fledged fashion designer, does Kelly Osbourne ever take a break? The young Fashion Police presenter has revealed her upcoming fashion collection in recent days and we’re very excited. She’s been hinting at Stories by Kelly Osbourne for some weeks now and in June inked the side of her skull with ‘stories…’ in anticipation of the launch.

The 13-piece collection will debut online with HSN. Prices range from of $55 to $170 and we love some of the looks already, especially the jumpsuits. Perfect Friday night outfits to bring into Autumn, don’t you think? Another plus for the collection is the approach to sizing. The silhouettes on offer cater to non-waifs with their embrace of the hourglass figure, but Osbourne was also adamant that she would offer virtually all sizes with 0 to 24 available. In an interview with she explained that this unshakeable stance led to her shopping around with various manufacturers, “It’s really unfair that America has this disillusion that the most common size is size 14, and that’s only because that’s as big as most fashion designers go.”

In that same interview Osbourne announced that the collection is accompanied by a website where customers can share stories and photos of their outfits. Osbourne, beloved on social media channels such as Instagram where she has over 1.5 million followers, enthused about the story-telling potential of outfits, “What made me realize this was when I was going through my closet and I was like, ‘Oh, I wore those shoes on stage every day when I was in Chicago,’ and ‘I wore that dress to my friend’s funeral,’ and, ‘Oh my gosh, I wore that skirt on a date and it still has a stain on it from where I fell off the steps because he tried to kiss me, I didn’t want to kiss him and I broke my wrist. I can’t get rid of that.’ Like, there are all these funny emotional attachments.” Stars such as Taylor Swift are already rumoured to be future clients of Stories by Kelly Osbourne. Looks like a bright new chapter is ahead of Kelly.

The collection will be available on in the coming weeks.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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