Best in Show: Chanel

It’s hard to imagine Karl Lagerfeld ever setting foot in a supermarket, but this season’s conceptual show setting – the Grand Palais turned into a giant supermarket – might be the only market he would frequent. Known for his jaw-dropping show settings, the supermarket setting, complete with tannoy announcings, Chanel-branded tea and coffee, Chanel-stamped toast, and double C’d trolleys has to be the most extravagant yet.

Past shows have included a giant carousel, a faux glacier and a huge globe, all set in the grandeur of the Grand Palais. And then there were the clothes. Like the surroundings, they epitomised fast fashion, albeit with a super-luxe touch (and spendy price tags, of course). There were candy-coloured tweeds; leggings and sweatshirts, worn with tweed trainers vacuum packed Chanel 2.55 bags; and milk carton purses. Sure, what else would you wear to the shops? Read more about the Chanel show in the September issue.

Sive O’Brien, Fashion Editor @siveob

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