Alexa Chung Makes Her Singing Debut

Alexa Chung has been playing something of a blinder these past few years. Not only does she triumphantly top most best dressed lists, she’s published a book, It, and has proven herself as an engaging and fun public personality in a rake of interviews. Now she’s showcasing her vocals. In a promo video for a collection she designed, AC for AG, Chung makes Stevie Nicks’ iconic Blue Denim her own. Wearing a blue denim dress, obviously.

Looks like she having fun, no? Gia Coppala was behind the camera and the vibe is cheesy indie house party. We like. The days of her standing next to her famous ex Artic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner are a distant tabloid memory and we think Alexa should explore a music career… Thoughts?

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