A New Era for Dunnes Stores

Their first fashion show in an age promises amazing things…

It has been six years since the national treasure put on the ritz in such a public and fantastic way, and the brand showed us the wisdom in waiting to show your hand. Last week the Dunnes Stores shop on South Great George’s was transformed into a ‘forest’ where the runway was a capret of bronze and golden leaves and the models stalked by the smartphone wielding audience to the tunes of Kate Bush – think otherworldy with a modern hypnotic twist, a mid-autumn nights dream.

In the past few years Dunnes Stores has been steadily building long-lasting collaborations with Paul Costelloe and Carolyn Donnelly’s The Edit has been a critical success with its Cos sensibilities drawing shoppers in their hurried droves.

Although perhaps the most exciting partnership was the recruitment of Jan Brierton earlier this year as  permanent head stylist for Dunnes Stores. Brierton’s handiwork was in evidence last week and thanks to her assistance Annie Dunne we’re already keeping our eyes out for the next show.

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