3 Favourite Dublin Boutiques

I’ve come round to online shopping in the last couple of years (that’s probably an understatement – wholeheartedly embraced it is what I mean). It’s a wonderful resource at the end of a busy week (or month, realistically) when you don’t have the time or energy to browse the stores in person. What I’ve also come round to is that there’s no one way to shop. Shopping malls, for instance, are perfect when you know exactly what you need, and you want the instant gratification of taking the item home with you. They can be overcrowded and air-less, but if you take an ultra-efficient, in-and-out approach, they’re invaluable. But when I’m in the mood to mooch around and hope to hit on something I didn’t know I wanted but absolutely can’t do without once I’ve found it, I browse the city’s boutiques. Here are three of my favourites.



Scout, 5 Smock Alley Court, Essex Street West, Dublin 8

I could happily set up house in this boutique, the interior is so beautifully presented. And it houses everything I love – candles, quirky but chic homeware, vintage clothing and accessories and contemporary ready-to-wear brands that you won’t find on the high street. Owner Wendy Crawford has a beautiful aesthetic and an incredible eye and has curated a stunning collection of pieces.



MoMuse, Ground Floor, Powerscourt Townhouse Center, Dublin 2

Jewellery was never my favourite thing to buy, until I discovered MoMuse. Owner and designer Margaret O’Rourke stocks her own collection of stunning 9 carat gold fine jewellery and exquisite gold-filled jewellery, as well as collections by several Irish designers, such as Natasha Sherling and Merle O’Grady. O’Rourke’s pieces are elegant, but utterly modern. I plan to have my ears pierced, just so that I can wear MoMuse’s Teardrop Rose Quartz Hoop Earrings.


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Seagreen, Monkstown Cresent, Monkstown, Co Dublin

This high-end clothing store has expanded into a lifestyle boutique, stocking beauty and wellbeing products, candles, Wedgewood crockery, Sloane Stationery and Bodyism athletic wear alongside much-loved labels like Bella Freud and Paige denim. Super, friendly service, as well the elegant decor make Seagreen a lovely spot to spend time in.

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