We Don’t Need Trump To Tell Us How To #DressLikeAWoman

Donald Trump has a sexist dress code in the White House, but the brilliant women of Twitter are having none of it. 

 Donald Trump said he wants his female employees to “dress like women.” So, they’d preferably wear a dress while the men wear suits and ties. Well, Donald Trump, we have a few choice words to say to you about that. If, by “dressing like women,” you mean that we can wear whatever the f**k we want without it being mandatory to opt for a dress, then yes, we’ll happily dress like women. On the other hand, if your comments mean putting us in a stereotyped box where only your sexist views on warped femininity dictate how we should choose our clothing, then please take a long hike far, far away from here.

But it’s okay. Whether you choose to get the hell away from all human life or not, the women of Twitter are here to give you a roasting and quash your ridiculous, dire comments. And that makes us feel marginally better because, in this, we’re reminded just how incredible all women can be.

The reason the fantastic #DressLikeAWoman hashtag went viral in the first place was because it emerged that some of Trump’s female employees felt pressured to wear a dress to the office “to impress him.” First off, ladies, please don’t worry about “impressing” anyone of Trump’s pussy-grabbing character – a man obsessed with appearances – because we are here to show him exactly how to dress like a woman: however you damn well like.

Under the hashtag, women shared photographs of themselves – in spacesuits, rugby kits, suits or whatever made them feel good – and snapshots of iconic women from history – Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Frida Kahlo and Katharine Hepburn – dressing “like a woman.” To reinforce that, actually yes, we are more than a skirt or a dress and no, it’s not what we wear that defines our capabilities in life.

Are we really surprised that Trump chose to put his employees (men as well) into simplistic boxes? It’s his way of viewing the world; wanting order and control over how “things” (according to him) should be: black and white, blue and pink, men were trousers, women don’t, and everyone just does what they are told – isn’t life great in this (not) orderly, shiny manner?

The silver lining after all of Trump’s tiresome outbursts is what you see above: women showing the world how much they kick ass every single day. We’ll take that.

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