Watch: This Polish Christmas Ad Is The Best Of 2016

Here at IMAGE, some of us are divided when it comes to Christmas ads, but we can all agree that when done well, they can uplift you, even momentarily, quite unlike anything else this time of year. Festive advertisements offer a snapshot; a glimpse of a fleeting moment of tenderness, joy or the ordinary made into something extraordinary. And so it takes something very special to resonate amongst all the exaggerated, falsified sense of happiness often projected onscreen – the real, almost mundane day-to-day done well is what makes an impact every time.

This is why this Polish Christmas ad for an online auction platform Allegro has gone viral. It is simplicity done in a genuinely moving way that so many will relate to.  The basis of the clip revolves around a Polish grandfather receiving an English For Beginners audio kit from the website. He takes the task head on, leaving a billion post-it notes around his apartment, on his dog, even learning on the go, drumming the language into himself. It doesn’t always go smoothly – he says “I love you,” to a random woman on the bus, manages to practice a few NSWF lines from an American action movie to his rubber duck in his bathtub and calls his computer mouse, a cat by accident – but his persistence pays off in the best way possible.

Watch below to see why and have a tissue to hand:

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