WATCH: This Irish Street Artist Paint In The World Trade Center


New York street artists gathered a few months ago to draw graffiti and murals on the walls, floor and ceiling of the World Trade Center.

Creative consultant Robert Marcucci, working for Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Properties, the development company of the World Trade Center, invited 50 street artists to paint of 34,000 square feet of the 69th floor of 4 World Trade Center, where the Twin Towers once stood.

According to the New York Times, the idea for having street art in the World Trade Center started when “Dara McQuillan, the chief marketing officer for Silverstein Properties, took some photographs to a nearby framing shop, the World Trade Gallery, which doubles as an exhibition space. Mr. McQuillan was intrigued by what he saw and struck up a conversation with the owner, Doug Smith.” Doug Smith had also spotted the work of Irish artist David Uda.

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David Uda, known as Duda, was given 5,000 square foot overlooking the World Trade Center Memorial site, with a 360 view of New York for his commemorative piece, ‘In Bloom‘. He joined other renowned international artists including Ron English, Logan Hicks, Bradley Theodore, WhIsBe, David Hollier, Rubin 415, Sticky Monger and Dominic Pattinson.

In Bloom’ celebrates life and the blossoming of New York City and the World Trade Center area in recent years, with 2,606 hand-drawn flowers – one flower for every person lost in The World Trade Center on 9/11, and thirteen stripes. The thirteen stripes “were inspired by the light on the floor throughout the day, and represent the U.S. flag, intertwined with a design inspired by New York’s cityscape and a throwback to old street art”.

Watch this beautiful video of Duda at work on ‘In Bloom‘ at 4 World Trade Center, New York below.

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