Twitter Reacts To Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Announcement



Not only is Dry January over, but Beyoncé is pregnant with twins, the whatsapp group exploded, and a shining beacon of escapism has emerged in the midst of the apocalypse.

As IMAGE’s Digital Director Ellie Balfe put it, “It’s like she did it to save us all from the Trump doom. What a hero.”

Although an evil empire might be forming, at least our Queen is pregnant with twins. The picture was uploaded 14 hours ago and is already the most liked Instagram photograph of all time, currently on 7.4 million likes.

Let the records show that from now on, ultra-sound pictures don’t make the cut anymore when announcing your pregnancy – you must kneel with a floral wreath in lingerie.

Names are coming. Memes are coming. But for now, the greatest reactions on Twitter are here.

BeyTWICE. Get it? GET IT?

Happy Beyoncé everyone and may God continue to bless the United Beyoncé fans of Twitter.

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