The Weird And Wonderful Trends That We’re Ready To Leave In 2016

From unusual health crazes to over-the-top beauty it certainly has been a weird. Here are some of the whacky trends that we’re ready to leave in 2016:

Christoper Kane’s diamonte-rock crocs


Somebody needs to sit Christopher Kane down and tell him that he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone. Spectators were left quite surprised during the spring/summer ’17 shows after models donned the catwalk in a pair of shoes normally suited for gardening than haute couture. Where were you trying to go with this, Chris? Firstly, they have nostril-liked pores (taking “breathable shoes” to a whole new level), a weird thick slick-back, and a turned-up nose. We’re nervous that they’ll make a show next season, but hopeful that they won’t.

That weird furry nail trend


Instagram is a great tool for discovering the newest trends; especially with anything beauty related because it lets you tap into whacky and weird niche trends like this one; the furry nail trend. Jan Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND nail polish first sent models down the runway at the Libertine autumn/winter ’16 show with legit faux fur on their nails. The look is more inspirational than practical, though. I mean, can you imagine having an itchy nose and trying to scratch it with those claws? Or worse, imagine having a hair in your eye…

Coconut oil was used in everything


Earlier in the year, it was decided somewhere by someone that coconut oil would be THE health product of the year. And so it was. We melted it and made a hair mask, we moisturised with it, we took off our makeup with it, we cooked with it, we ate it as a snack, we oil-pulled with it, we washed ourselves with it, and now we’re ready to move on. Apparently watermelon and cactus water are going to be the new coconut oil in 2017. You heard it here first.

Unusual eyeliner art

Instagram: @thecutestberry

Still wearing winged eyeliner? Intricate eyeliner was the only way to go this year according to beauty experts and makeup buffs. It may be difficult to master (*edit very difficult to master), but the finished piece looks far from boring. Can we see ourselves doing this at 6:30 am in the morning before work? Not. A. Chance…

Women’s (and some men’s) obsession with having bigger lips; and doing silly things to get them


One that springs to mind is the infamous lip challenge that spread across social media like an unwanted virus. The idea was that anyone who aspired to have bigger, fuller lips, would use a cup to create suction around their mouths, causing a vacuum effect and in turn making the lips appear to be bigger. Social media stars (we won’t name names) have almost normalised cosmetic surgery, it seems, overnight. and while we don’t condone doing something that makes you feel confident, we don’t recommend sucking the life – quite literally – out of your lips.

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