March to the Beat of Equal Love

love march

With the impending May referendum, most of us – whether we’re young or old, mothers, fathers or even heavyweight political figures – seem to be backing the fundamental right for people, (no matter their sexual orientation) to have the freedom to love and marry whomever they wish. If you believe love is love, why not march to the beat of freedom this Sunday outside the GPO?

Amnesty International is getting behind the campaign for marriage equality by launching a party at the General Post Office this Sunday at 3pm to help gain momentum and support. We’ve been told to expect music, balloons, a bit of a street party and a whole lot of love.

It is still considered a crime to be gay in at least 78 countries and in some you can even face execution. Need we say more?
Photographs: Natalie Marquez Courtney

Jen Stafford is Junior Editor at BASH Magazine

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