Four Times Married Melanie Griffith Says “Don’t Get Married”

Are you already bemoaning hotel bills and searching for a fascinator because That Posh Friend is getting married? As we face into marriage season on this here isle, it may be worth everyone’s time to actually look at the point of the institution and the resulting circus of tying the knot. After all, happily ever after is really just a means to wrap up a novel.

One woman who thinks all of those debating china and whether beef should be on the menu is Melanie Griffith, the Working Girl star and mother to nascent Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson. Griffith made her opinion known at the premiere of her daughter’s upcoming romantic comedy How To Be Single. (See the red carpet photos here.)

Griffith told Us Weekly: “Don’t get married! There’s no need… You don’t need to get married to have a child anymore,” the Working Girl star explained. “It’s not like there’s a stigma on a child, and getting married, you either go through the whole bulls–t of a prenuptial, or if you want to get divorced and you don’t have a prenuptial, then you wish you had a prenuptial. So why not enjoy the person and have a good time and do whatever — live together, don’t live together — but marriage seems archaic to me.”

Griffith/Johnson blended family!!! Grace’s 16th birthday❤️

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Amen! Love my kids, love my ex’s. Always and forever. #nobody’s business

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Antonio and I back in the day…. Shrek screening 2007 #goodtimes #stella’spapi

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Griffith knows what she’s talking about. The 58-year-old recently split from Antonia Banderas after 18 years of marriage and has been married four times, twice to Dakota’s father Don Johnson, who she attended the premiere with. In fact, despite all the break=ups Griffith seems to have kept on excellent terms with her exes. Her Instagram is an ode to the modern family unit. She is constantly praising her children and partner’s children from other relationships. Mel’s got her priorities in order.

Why have drama when you can have love?

Via Us Weekly

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