Split: Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse

suki and bradley split

Just yesterday we were fawning over Suki Waterhouse, referring to her as Bradley Cooper’s beau, and now we hear, excusively from E! News that they are no longer an item. Despite appearing blissfully happy at all of their joint media appearances, as well as when they were papped in public, all was not well at camp Cooper/Waterhouse.

Suki accompanied Bradley to last month’s Oscars and stole the spotlight from her Oscar nominated partner in her beautiful red gown.

suki and bradley split


The pair were dating for over two years but sadly, they’ve called time on their relationship and split.

Neither Suki nor Bradley were prepared to make a comment to the press, which is totally fair enough, because having to answer to the likes of us would be ridiculous at a time that’s probably not very fun.

Suki is 22 and Bradley is 40. A short while after dating, Suki made the move from the UK to LA.

So that’s two beautiful people back in the dating game.


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