10 Tweets To Start Your Day: Friday June 23rd

Stick the kettle on and catch up with the world.

If Lady Gaga is going to go hiking, then she’s going to look hella sexy doing it.


This gorilla dancing to maniac will clear any anxiety you have today.

A well-known French fitness blogger was tragically killed after a whipped-cream canister exploded causing her to go into cardiac arrest. Using her platforms, her family have issued warnings against using these canisters.

Katy Perry became the first artist ever to earn three Diamond songs by the RAII

Our love affair with Justin Trudeau continues because of his sock game.

Steve Irwin, Jack Black, Kirsten Dunst, Shonda Rhimes, Sir Richard Branson, and Jennifer Lawrence are just some of the latest additions to the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame class of 2018…

Laziness has hit a new point: why fetch your charger yourself when your pooch can do it for you? Genius.

George Hook let the world know what he thinks about how young girls dress today.

The relationship between self-importance and banging on… Why women should interrupt men via @BBC_Capital

— Norah Casey (@NorahCasey) June 23, 2017

And finally, Trump is adamant on building his wall…

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