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We Make The Path By Walking

Paul Gaffney’s understated and beautiful work explores the idea of walking as a meditative act. The images transport the viewer quietly into the process of walking through the changing landscapes and atmospheres in each photograph. Gaffney has walked over 3,500 kilometers across Spain, France, and Portugal, and his photographs bear witness to the transformation of the outside world and the internal world of the walker and photographer. The body of work has been shortlisted for the European Publishers Award for Photography 2013, and we were intrigued after hearing good things. Similarly to Gaffney, we also have become increasingly fascinated with the concept of walking as a cultural and psychological act. After hearing Rebecca Solnit earlier this year at the Dublin’s Writer’s Festival, we began reading her seminal work Wanderlust, a look at walking through history, literature and contemporary society. We’ve hit upon a bit of an obsession that is a kindred spirit to Gaffney’s images. More on walking soon.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

We Make the Path by Walking ends tomorrow at The Instituto Cervantes. For more info see here.